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Post-digital, post-conceptual, hyper-narrative painting


Painting mental images as if they are photos

While exploring a mental image our mind jumps from one detail to another. It never sees the whole image. When we paint from memory we reconstruct that image on canvas, so we paint what we know—not what we see... And that's exactly what I don't want to do! I want to paint my mental images as if I observe them right in front of me.

Machine-assisted dreaming

I use immersive gaming technology to summon the vision of a scene I have in my mind. It could be as simple as an object on a plain background, or as complex as a multi-character tableaux set in a virtual landscape.

Digital Realism

I visualise a mental image using digital tools. That image exists somewhere, even if only as bits encoded within electromagnetic fields. The image exists as a digital file and it's now objective reality. I paint that reality. Thus I'm a realist painter.

Impression of digital reality

The final step is to cover my canvas with paint. Since the creation of the image happened off-canvas, I'm free from compositional deliberation. The painting becomes as simple as an impression of a digital image I observe in front of me.