em Askovic received an MA in sculpture from the University of Arts in Belgrade. In 2006 moved to London. Worked in the advertising industry as a VFX artist, animator, illustrator, and music video director. After completing an MA in Screenwriting at London Film School, worked as an experiential & VR creative director for various agencies. Since moving to Denmark in 2018 focused on developing a career as a visual artist in mediums of painting, VR, animation, and digital art. In 2021 exhibited at the Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling in Copenhagen.

Nem Askovic, b. 1979, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Since 2018 he's developed two distinct bodies of work. The first one deals with contradictory ways of making pictures: construction vs. observation. The second one deals with the relationship between creativity and technology. They both explore the relationship between painting as a medium and digital reality. His practice involves more than is visible on the surface as ‘just-a-good-painting.' — It questions the ontological nature of the art object and digital space.